Pass first time, or free lessons forever.

So you're thinking, "what's the catch?" right?

We're the only Driving School in the UK to offer this unique service, why do we do this?

For your good money, you should expect good high quality training.

 If you didn't pass your driving test after our expert tuition we'd feel that we've failed to deliver on our promise.

So you simply wouldn't pay again for any driving lessons and we'll keep training you until you do pass.

We use a style that puts you in control. You're the boss.

We'll teach you skills that you're going to use for the rest of your life - to keep yourself, your loved ones and the general public safe, forever.

Lee is a highly-graded, fully qualified DVSA Approved Driving Instructor with 10 years experience and over 200 first time passes.

If you have any questions or you'd like to book a lesson, contact us.