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At Pass With Lee, we won't just have you driving around aimlessly until you hopefully reach test standard, we use four crafted phases of development to take you from a complete novice to a quality first-time passer.


In Phase 1 of your training, you'll be comprehensively walked through every topic.

You'll firstly receive a visual briefing on the topic you're about to tackle, then we'll tell you what to do, when to do it and why you're doing it all in real-time as you're driving.

This means without ever driving before, you'll drive just as well as someone on their driving test.
All you have to bring to the party is listen, and follow.


In Phase 2, you'll revisit previously conducted driving lessons.​​

Using our carefully placed hinting, we'll get you to drive to the same standard as on Phase 1, but this time we won't talk you through exactly what to do.

This will make you think back to what you've done before and this is the first stage on the road to driving on your own without our assistance.


In Phase 3 you'll be approaching test standard nicely and starting to think and act for yourself.

You'll be driving just as well as in the first two phases, but now you'll be attempting most of the driving topics with little or no assistance from us.

If you make a mistake, it's fine, we'll come straight back in with 'Phase 2 style' help to assist you.

At this stage we'll also look at conducting a Mock Test.

This will perfectly simulate the real driving test experience and is simply an experiment -
​what would happen today if it was your driving test?

With the results of the Mock Test we can then sharpen our focus on where you need more help before your real driving test.

Phase 4 is the final development stage.

At this time your Practical Driving Test will be booked and on it's way.
This is where we put the icing on the cake in terms of your preparation for the test and your level of driving ability will now be reaching its peak.

In this phase you'll be driving with no help from us, on your own to a high standard.

Your Driving Instructor will simply make observations on your driving and give you advice based on what they see for any last minute improvements.

​All that's left then is your big day.
Time for you to shine and collect your full licence.