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Don't just take our word for it, here's what our former customers have had to say...

​Louise Preston:
"Good teachers change lives, and that is exactly what Lee does. His excellent techniques ensure that you can go into the test confident that you're above and beyond the standard expected.
He is ever professional with a no-nonsense approach but really good at reassuring you if (like me!) you're nervous. After stopping and starting learning for years, I'm so glad to have passed first time. You will not regret learning to drive with Lee!!"

Elle Tipping:

"I felt close to giving up on driving after failing twice but then I began lessons with Pass With Lee and got my confidence back. 
Of four different instructors I'd previously tried, Lee was the best by far; he uses clear explanations for what to do, along with visual aids so I could really see and learn from my mistakes. 
I wouldn't have passed without him. Thanks Lee!"

​Saffron Emmett:

"I could not recommend a better person to learn how to drive with! 

I came to Lee with not much confidence in driving, to then passing first time with only one minor all thanks to him. 
The techniques he used made sure I went into my test calm and very confident,
I don't think I would of passed without him so thank you!"

Aimee Maher:

"What a fantastic Driving Instructor Lee Spary is!
I honestly dont think I could of passed if Lee was not my Driving Instructor!
The techniques he uses to help you are brill, and the points, if you want to pass your test first time, then look no further than Lee, cause he has a better pass rate than any instructors I've heard of!!
I'm so happy he got me to pass my test which I never ever thought would happen!



Amy Smith:

"Thank you Lee! Could not of passed my test with out this man, he helped me stay calm and helped me get the confidence I needed, would highly recommend 😊"



Lawrence McNally:​​
"I had a great experience learning to drive with Lee - we progressed at my own pace up to the point where I felt fully confident upon the date of my test.
After being turned off driving from a previous Instructor, my confidence grew a lot when being taught by Lee, which really helped calm my nerves on the road.
He's a really nice guy and made me feel completely comfortable when driving - would recommend to all!"



Damien Deacon:
"Quality over Quantity!

Having failed my driving test 4 times with an instructor from RED driving school, It felt like getting my license and passing the test was mission impossible!

Then I met Lee, he’s an outstanding driving instructor and I’m pleased to say I passed with Lee, from the very first lesson I had I learned more in that one lesson than I did with 5 lessons from the previous Instructor.

Lee quickly recognised the bad techniques and habits I had developed and was resourceful with his time. 

In just a short amount of time he really built my confidence on the road and got me to better than test standard.

My only regret is that I didn’t find Lee first, if I had I’m confident to say I would have passed FIRST TIME with Lee."

Louis T:
"My experience with Pass With Lee was fantastic, made it very simple to understand and I never felt under to much pressure.
Lee had me test ready, always thought it would take me ages and was never confident in myself, but Lee pushed me to the best of my ability and I passed first time.
Lee made me believe in myself, and I smashed it with help from Lee and i did pass first time just like he promised!
I am very happy and I would recommend him to anybody who wants to pass first time, very affordable prices too!"

Mark H:
"Really pleased that I decided to choose Lee, he had a very calm and relaxed teaching style and that makes the steps and routines much easier to remember.
He also taught me a few tricks for doing the reversing manoeuvres, which gives you lots of confidence on the day of the driving test.
I passed first time with Lee!"


"Before learning to drive, I imagined it would be quite an intense nerve-racking process to get taught how to drive. How wrong I was! Lee's lessons are well structured and easily understood. 
I felt like it came naturally to me even after just a few lessons! If I didn't quite understand a certain situation, I was calmly told/shown examples with the help of his iPad. You are taught to a very high standard so by the time of the test, you are very confident (even if you are a bit nervous like i was) Not only are the lessons nicely set out, they are also fun! Great value, great teacher, great experience... and as soon as you pass... greatest feeling ever! Cheers Lee!"

"After having been taught badly by another Driving Instructor, I had lost hope until I started learning with Lee.
His methods and ways of teaching are quick and easy to pick up and builds up loads of confidence in your driving! He also does mock tests so that your driving test just feels like another lesson! So glad I chose Pass With Lee. Thanks Lee!"

Cameron Fawcett:
"Where to begin with Lee Spary! First and foremost what a brilliant instructor he really is.
With his mixture of teaching methods which personally worked brilliantly for me as found ways for me to understand the reversing manoeuvres and other key element of driving, which I will never forget.  Also on the lessons leading up to my test day, Lee gave me the confidence so my nerves didn't get the better of me!
So long story sort if you or anyone else you know are looking for a driving instructor, I stress the fact that you need to contact Lee!  You'll be able to pass your test with the skills and knowledge I have, so again thank you lee and keep up the good work!"

"I’ll never forget the feeling that I got when I passed my driving test!!! And it wouldn't have been possible without Lee. His calm but no nonsense approach helped me pass in just 17 hours!! He makes sure that you are taught to a much higher standard than you actually need to be for your test, which is why like me, when you’re nervous on the day of your test and you drive the worst you ever have you’re still pretty much guaranteed a pass with Lee!!"

Kate Dawson:
"Lee Spary at Pass With Lee Driving School was highly recommended to me by many of my friends, as he has passed every one of them first time. As I have had the test experience before with a different a Driving Instructor and failed twice, I was feeling very apprehensive to start driving again. However, when I started to learn with Lee my confidence increased and I became a better driver instantly with all of his help, therefore passed! The record speaks for itself, 18 passes in the last 19 at Blackburn Test Centre! Definitely the best driving instructor out there!"

"I started off at 'Pass With Lee' only a few weeks ago having already done 15 hours with a previous instructor.  Since then Lee has helped me build up my confidence when driving. He has done this by providing a variety of lessons and 2 mock tests. He is able to show you were you go wrong by displaying pictures of the surroundings on his iPad. I passed my test first time with only 3 minor faults and I wouldn't have been able to do this without Lee's help. Thank you!"

"Lee is very good at teaching, he has a passion for his students to feel confident and to pass first time. I remember my first lesson, I was nervous but he managed to make me feel at ease behind the wheel, he told me I would pass my test in under 30 hrs I have to say I didn't think I would. 
He is very good at explaining things and uses his iPad for demonstrations and diagrams. I passed 1st time with 2 minors.
Thank you Lee, you gave me the knowledge and confidence to succeed!"

"My experience at pass with Lee was great, I started off quite nervous but Lee is always reassuring and gets you to your best! He helped me build up my confidence over several driving lessons, including a few mock tests which gave me the confidence to go into my test with minimal nerves. After just four weeks of lessons I passed my test with just 2 minor faults and I have to thank Lee for all his hard work in helping me become a great driver.
Thanks once again."

"Learning to drive with lee, felt like he cared whether you passed or failed. He aims for you to be not just at test standard but better he wants you to be able to drive with confidence.
He uses an iPad as a teaching tool which is great because he can show you situations of different junctions using an app, he makes you a better driver than you need to be.. He helped me pass first time which I didn't think I could ever do, but I did."

"Learning with Lee was a really fun experience, his way of teaching meant that things stuck in your head really well and I love the use of the iPad which he uses to take notes and show you diagrams, his notes are really usefully because you find out where your going wrong and what to improve on! I was really nervous about learning to drive and thought I would find it hard to pass but, with Lee I passed first time with only 4 minors! I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive!"

"Learning how to drive with Lee was an enjoyable experience. He has helped me pass my driving test within less than 1 month! Lee uses an iPad with simple diagrams, drawings and pictures which help you understand different situations you will face whilst driving. When you first begin to drive you are scared, nervous and you constantly put yourself down, Lee is great at making you feel the opposite way. He pushes you and gives you confidence in order to make you the best possible driver. When it came to taking my test I had very little nerves, Lee advised me to forget the examiner is there and just drive as you normally would. I strongly recommend driving with Lee!"

"After attempting to learn to drive with a previous instructor and losing interest in driving Lee was able to help me find confidence in driving again with easy and well delivered techniques. Without the tuition I received I wouldn't of been as confident to take my test. Passing first time is such a relief! Thanks :)"

Wayne Hall:
“Lee is a great instructor and is very confident. He made me fell very confident in driving and he always compliments you. He always picked up on any mistakes you would make and tell you how to correct them. I couldn’t have passed without him. Thanks!


Joanne M:
“My experience learning to drive at Pass With Lee was fantastic.
After having a few other instructors, Lee proved to be the best! Fantastic value and he really does try to make his pupils the best. Will recomended in the future for anyone who wants to learn.
Thanks lee, it has changed my life!"


“Lee was recommended by a friend and I’m glad I chose to learn with him.  He made me feel confident behind the wheel and helped me to pass with only 3 faults.  Very nice guy too and I would definitely recommend him, thanks!”

"After failing my first two tests with my previous instructor, I passed first time with lee easily.  My old instructor said I was “at test standard” then I got 5 major faults and 17 minor faults. With Lee I only got 6 minor faults.  Lee has really good learning techniques. If u don't go with him u will regret it. good experience. passed with confidence.
Lee’s a great instructor who made me feel confident learning and driving."

“I started driving lessons with Lee in January 2010 after 9 years of lessons and 8 failed tests with my previous instructors – at a standard which my other instructors said was “test standard”, Lee told me after first lesson that I should have never put in for my test.  
In the 4 months I was having lessons with Lee he improved my driving skills 1000% and more importantly, gave me the self belief to pass my test at the first attempt under his instruction. Therefore, I would, with great pleasure and conviction, have no hesitation what so ever in recommending him to anyone who is looking for a talented and honest driving instructor.”

Tom Sutton:
"A great instructor and now a friend too =]
“Had an absolute quality time learning with Lee, made me feel confident when first sitting at the wheel, and also on the test day.  Everything is explained superbly and I would definately recommend Lee to anyone."

Rachael Wilding:
“Lee is an awesome driving instructor! I knew i would pass with him. I got told by a friend to go with lee as my old driving instructor didnt teach me anything and he put me in for my test when i clearly wasnt ready. When i started learning with lee, he helped me become a more confident driver and i knew he had so much faith in me. Now that i have passed i am going to miss driving him around and following his instructions! Ha. I would recommend him to anybody.  You have to learn with lee! Hehe. Thanks again lee! Its been great learning with you xx”

Bill Orrick:
“I highly recommend Lee Spary. He is an amazing driving instructor and teacher. I found the lessons to be very well structured, moving at a comfortable pace. Lee really builds your confidence – I wasn’t nervous on my test day and I passed with just 3 minors!”